Marketer Extraordinaire!
David Anglin | Marketer Extraordinaire!

The person who when he looks in the mirror is comfortable with the man starring back at him! I just got philosophical! :D I will probably have to keep on updating this, but I think at the moment who I am is simply a person with a bunch of creative ideas, who will work tirelessly to make sure these creative ideas come into existence. I don't do things with a half heart! But more importantly I like to be the person that gives a positive impact to a person's life. I will leave with one of my favourite quotes from my good friends Ricky "I'm not scared of my shadow, my shadow should be scared of me!" Whats there not to like about this quote if you have a mentality like this what can you not achieve! My current project I'm working on is www.daddieslovetheirdaughters.com where I share my own and others personal experiences on fathering. As I mentioned above this page will be updated but if you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me david.anglin@helpineeda.com

David Anglin