Jerry's Story

Based on true stories, some of our young people, are really living a hectic lifestyle...
David Anglin | Marketer Extraordinaire!

With reports of there being an increase in violent crime especially among our young people, I thought to put across a different perspective on that which is happening in our communities, and give insight from those who work with those young people, whether as youth workers, social workers or Youth Offending Service (YOS) case managers.

Jerry is real life events put togther in a fictional story that follows the life of Jerry, a 17 year old "Hood Yout" who has so much to gain but so much to lose, this story takes you through the world wind process of working with a young person who's battling every day demons, and how us as professionals work with him to come through the battle at the other end victorios.

Here's the Epilogue, I'll also be releasing the book as a Youtube audio, with a new chapter coming out every week, if you do like the message than please feel free to share it with a friend.


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