Jerry's Story

Based on true stories, some of our young people, are really living a hectic lifestyle...
David Anglin | Marketer Extraordinaire!

They say Britain is in a crime epidemic that hasn’t been seen for a decade. Knife crimes up. Gun crimes up. Violent robberies are up.

But for those of us who have worked with young people and those in need. We’ve seen this coming for a long time.
We’ve seen first hand the effects of austerity measures. We’ve seen with our own eye's the rise in families who need food banks. Who’s day to day living has vastly changed, and with this change there children have changed. Becoming a little bit harder a little bit colder. Willing to go that much further to get themselves out of poverty. Usually motivated by money but easily turned and wrapped up into a lifestyle with other young people who look, act and are from the same environments as them. Corrupted by the corrupted.

These changes have been happening slowly year upon year with the effects only now being felt in the wider community.
My book Jerry is based on real life scenarios and gives a take on what its like as professionals working with young offenders involved in drug dealing, stabbings, shootings and acid attacks, and the issues that many of them have going on in the background. But which no one reports on.

My hopes is that from reading this story it'll encourage a community discussion, that will help implement changes to bring opportunities for young people and break a destructive cycle.

The cost of this book will be just 99p as a PDF directly from my website. But for every book sold I'll be donating 20p to Frenford Youth Center as I've worked with them over many years and so know first hand the great work they carry out in the community.



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